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Betreff: die Kampfkünste von Indy
Ich habe auf http://www.socialbuckets.com/...save_10239 den folgenden Satz gefunden:

Aside from his proficiency in his trademark whip, Indy is shown to be a competent unarmed combatant, even briefly demonstrating ability in Northern-style kung fu in the South China Seas when attacked by pirates in his quest for the Eye of the Peacock. Although his proficiency in Eastern martial arts was never explicitly retconned into the film series proper, Indy is nevertheless shown to be at least skilled in US Marines Close Quarter Combat (CQC) techniques from Temple of Doom onwards.

Leider kenne ich mich da garnicht aus. Kann mir jemand sagen, was genau er an Kung Fu- und CQC-Bewegungen gezeigt hat?
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