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Betreff: neuer falscher Gral von Sarednab
Sarednab plant zur Zeit einen neuen Run seines "False Grail".

Run auf "the RPF"

Run auf "COW"

Bunte Bilder vom alten Gral bei pielandreas

Zitat von Sarednab:
Hi guys,
this thread is to see the interest for this prop.
I received many (many and again many) request for it in the last years. For who of you that don't know the story, I produced a limited quantity of this prop in 2010. Not more than 50 pieces was produced.
It was sold out very fast...

It was impossible for me to use the same factory to produce it again, for this reason we decided to made it "in home"!
I made a question to myself:
If we have to offer it again, WHY not offer it with an improved version?

If you remember, the "old" False Grail was fantastic... a truly work of art, but... something was not totally screen accurate!
For this reason, we take the old one, improved all parts that need to be changed to be more accurate and did it!

These are some pics that show you our works on the base (that was very different in my first version):


Please let me know your interest and I'll add your name in the list!
Price range pending to the request. It could go from 350$ to 500$

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Betreff: Re: neuer falscher Gral von Sarednab
Bah, das Teil is so hässlich Zwinkernder Smiley

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