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Scheint sehr nah am Original zu sein! Thumbs up
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Das neue Projekt von Regisseur Mel Gibson wird ein Remake zu "The Wild Bunch"

Mel Gibson is making a Western, it appears. Deadline reports that the filmmaker has been set by Warner Bros. to co-write, executive produce, and direct a remake of The Wild Bunch, a 1969 Western directed by Sam Peckinpah. That film followed a group of aging outlaws looking for one last score as the industrial age encroaches upon the American West.
It’s unclear what Gibson’s vision for the redo entails, but Warner Bros. has apparently been keen on working with the filmmaker. He was reportedly approached to direct Suicide Squad 2, but ultimately turned the project down. Gavin O’Connor is currently set to helm that superhero sequel, but it appears WB found something else that sparked to Gibson’s interest.
This likely won’t be Gibson’s next film as a director, as he’s already committed to helming the World War II drama Destroyer, which centers on the Battle of Okinawa. Mark Wahlberg is attached to star, and Gibson apparently plans on beginning production by next spring in Australia. So The Wild Bunch remake would be a ways off.
Gibson most recently helmed the WWII biopic Hacksaw Ridge, which earned him a Best Director Oscar nomination in 2017 despite controversy surrounding his comeback. Indeed, Gibson’s history of offensive rants and domestic violence aren’t a great look, but on he goes.
There’s also the Passion of the Christ sequel, The Resurrection, that Gibson has been mounting. Jim Caviezel entered talked to reprise his role as Jesus Christ this past January, but since then word has been mum on when the follow-up might actually happen. With Gibson now adding The Wild Bunch to his dance card, it may be a while—if ever.
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Ich weiß nicht so recht, wo das am besten reinpasst. ARGE Archäologie ist eigentlich bekannt für Ausgrabungs- und Studienreisen. Bei ihrem neuesten Projekt handelt es sich allerdings um eine TV-Sitcom, die in der römischen Antike angesiedelt ist und auch in einer lateinischen Synchronfassung ausgestrahlt werden soll.

ARGE Archäologie TV-Sitcom
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